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Centennial Range, Centennial Valley
Photo courtesy of Rick and Susie Graetz
Monday, Sept. 29, 2014
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More news from the Rockies
Few Native American teachers found in Wyoming reservation's schools
Nearly two-thirds of all Native American students in Wyoming attend school on the Wind River Reservation, but just a small percentage of teachers in the reservation's schools are Native American.
Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 29

Native American students have highest absenteeism rates in Wyoming
In Wyoming, about one in five students missed at least 10 percent of school days -- about 3 1/2 weeks -- last year, but in the Native American student population, 35 percent of students had that high an absenteeism rate.
Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 29

Exploding target ignited August wildfire in Montana
A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks official said the August wildfire in the Sapphire Mountains was ignited by a target shooter illegally using an explosive target at a state wildlife management area, and the agency is seeking information on the individual responsible who started the fire that cost $94,000 to extinguish.
Ravalli Republic; Sept. 28

BLM removes hundreds of wild horses from SW Wyoming
Work is underway to remove 800 wild horses from lands in southwest Wyoming, and through Saturday, 521 wild horses had been gathered and sent to a Bureau of Land Management holding facility and 10 horses were killed or had to be euthanized after being injured during the roundup.
Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 28

Number of human-bear conflicts on the rise in Wyoming
In 10 days, there were three incidents where bears attacked humans in Wyoming, one where a Utah man doing research was killed by a bear, although it's not yet known if he was killed by a black or grizzly bear, and one where a charging grizzly bear was killed by hunters, and Wyoming officials said with hunting season underway in the Cowboy State, a seasonal spike in human-bear conflicts is common.
Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 28

Man fined for crashing drone in Yellowstone Park's Grand Prismatic Spring
A visitor from the Netherlands who crashed a drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park was fine $1,000 and must pay more than $2,000 in restitution costs for the illegal use of the drone, which is still in the spring and may not be recoverable.
Jackson Hole Daily; Sept. 29

As one timber sale goes forward in Montana, a court decision halts another
Both the Colt-Summit and the Glacier-Loon timber sales are in the Lolo and Flathead national forests between the Mission Mountains and Bob Marshall wilderness areas in Montana, and the Colt-Summit sale is moving forward after being challenged in court, but a recent federal court decision halted the Glacier-Loon sale and the outcome of that litigation will affect future sales on land acquired from Plum Creek Timber by The Nature Conservancy and then transferred to the U.S. Forest Service.
Missoulian; Sept. 27

Hundreds rally in Montana's Capital City to keep public lands public
On Saturday, a crowd of nearly 300 people gathered at Montana's Capitol to show support for keeping federal lands in public hands.
Helena Independent Record; Sept. 28

Encana to spend nearly $6 billion for Texas oilfield interest
Alberta-based Encana continued its move from natural gas to oil with the announced purchase of Athlon Energy Inc.'s 140,000 acres in the oil-rich Permian Basin in Texas.
Salt Lake Tribune (AP); Sept. 26

J.R. Simplot proposes ammonia plant near Wyoming fertilizer plant
Idaho-based J.R. Simplot Co. plans to build a $300 million ammonia production plant near its fertilizer plant near Rock Springs, which would bring 440 jobs to Wyoming's Sweetwater County during the construction of the plant, and 25 fulltime jobs when the plant goes into operation in 2016.
Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 26

Opinions vary on importance of rare earth mine in NE Wyoming
Rare earth minerals are commonly found throughout the world, but not found in quantities enough to make mining of them financially feasible, and while the deposits in northeast Wyoming are at that level, not everyone agrees with the British Columbia mining company's assertion that development of those resources are an issue of military security.
Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 28

  • Rare earth minerals found in Wyoming
    The deposit of rare earth minerals found in northeast Wyoming contains 10 of the 17 minerals classified as such, including Europium, the most rare of the 17 minerals.
    Casper Star-Tribune; Sept. 29

Yurt builders move their business to W. Montana city
Hays Daniel and Vince Godby began building yurts in Troy in 2008, and when they outgrew their workspace in the Northwestern Montana community, they decided to move Shelter Designs to Missoula this year to take advantage of networking opportunities the city provided.
Missoulian; Sept. 28

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"R ather than fence this thing off and let it become a big weed patch for the foreseeable future, we are taking the responsible approach of repurposing and rebuilding what was an old steel mill."

Stewart Park, project manager for @geneva, which is turning the former Geneva Steel Mill in Utah, one of the nation's largest brownfields west of the Mississippi River, into what is proposed to be a thriving city with thousands of residents.
- Salt Lake Tribune

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