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The Powder River
Photo courtesy of Rick and Susie Graetz
Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015
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More news from the Rockies
Citizen scientists collect data in Missouri Breaks Monument in Montana
The Wilderness Institute at the University of Montana has been sponsoring trips of volunteer citizen scientists into federal wilderness areas for the past decade, primarily in forest lands in Western Montana, but last month, a group headed east to Central Montana onto Bureau of Land Management lands within the Missouri Breaks National Monument to gather data about wildlife, vegetation, weed infestations and motor vehicle use.
Great Falls Tribune; Oct. 8

Rock climbers in Southern Idaho form coalition
On Saturday, a group of rock climbers at the Dierkes Boulderfest announced they had formed the Southern Idaho Climbers Coalition, as well as a number of issues they wanted to work on, including working with the City of Twin Falls replace aging anchors in the rock faces beside Dierkes Lake, work with federal officials to ensure that a new management plan for the City of Rocks National Reserve won't end access to popular climbing rocks, and to work to make unofficial climbing spots on public lands on the north side of the Snake River Canyon official.
Twin Falls Times-News; Oct. 8

Herd of genetically-pure bison to be released in Colorado on Nov. 1
On National Bison Day, 10 genetically pure bison with lineage that goes back to the bison that roam Yellowstone National Park, will be released onto Fort Collins' Soapstone Prairie Natural Area and Larimer County's Red Mountain Open Space in Northern Colorado.
Fort Collins Coloradoan; Oct. 8

U.S. House passes Colorado representative's bank reform bill
On Tuesday, the U.S. House voted unanimously to pass Colorado U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton's "Small Bank Exam Cycle Reform Act," H.R. 1553, which raises the asset level of banks that can go 18 months between federal examinations from $500 million to $1 billion, this easing the burden on hundreds of community banks.
Durango Herald; Oct. 8

Wyoming governor to legislators: $200M deficit means it's raining
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead's announcement Wednesday that the state was facing a $200 million budget deficit, and his revamped effort to press legislators to put a Medicaid program in place to tap into federal funding and to allow the state to tap its rainy day fund.
Casper Star-Tribune; Oct. 8

Idaho code school provides another path for students
Brothers Jake and Matt Overall, the founders of BoiseCodeWorks, which offers an intensive 12-week course in computer coding, said that students will emerge from the course ready to work as a junior level developer for the myriad tech companies in Idaho.
Idaho Statesman; Oct. 8

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"S everal concerns were raised about the burden on the Park Service of studying all of the rivers and streams in the park for suitability for paddling. Rep. Lummis’ amendment would significantly alleviate this burden by requiring a rulemaking to allow paddling on specific rivers and streams composing roughly 10 percent of the river and stream miles in the park."

Joe Spiering, U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis' press secretary, in an email explaining the Wyoming representative's amendment to her "Yellowstone and Grand Teton Paddling Act,” which was marked up by the House Committee on Natural Resources today.
- Jackson Hole Daily

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