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Yellowstone National Park Lake
Photo courtesy of Rick and Susie Graetz
Monday, May 4, 2015
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More news from the Rockies
U. of Wyoming competition give young entrepreneurs a jumpstart
The John P. Ellbogen $30K Entrepreneurship Competition at the University of Wyoming began awarding grants in 2001, but most recently, the competition has been focused on creating start-up businesses, and this year Tabitha Briscoe won $12,500 to develop a prototype of her portable climbing crash pad and get a patent on it, and fully develop her Cruxx Climbing business.
Casper Star-Tribune; May 3

Wyoming awards $12.2 million in road, bridge contracts
The Wyoming Transportation Commission approved 10 contracts worth a total of $12.2 million at its recent meeting in Cheyenne, with more than $6 million of that awarded to Wyoming firms, while Sletten Construction Co. of Great Falls, Mont., won the largest contract, a $4 million project to build a new bridge over the Shoshone River near the Willwood Diversion Dam between Cody and Powell.
Casper Star-Tribune; May 3

Utah BLM to dart wild mares with PZP to rein in Tooele County herd
Last Friday, the Bureau of Land Management decided to move forward with a five-year plan to dart wild mares in the Onaqui Mountain Herd Management Area in Utah with the contraceptive Porcine Zona Pellucida, or PZP, to control the herd's numbers.
Salt Lake Tribune; May 4

Wyoming congresswoman among those pressing for wolf delisting
U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming is among the more than 30 members of Congress who wrote to U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Dan Ashe, head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, last week, urging that federal protections for wolves across the United States be lifted.
Casper Star-Tribune (AP); May 2

Ranger in Bitterroot NF in Montana retires after 30 years
Bitterroot National Forest Stevensville District Ranger Dan Ritter retired last week, after spending more than 30 years with the Forest Service, including stints in Wyoming and Idaho before coming to Montana in 1997.
Missoulian (Ravalli Republic); May 4

Wyoming ranch, long a haven for artists, now an Important Bird Area
Robert Plank created an artists' haven on the Ucross Ranch in 1981, and since that time more than 2,000 writers, composers, photographers and other creative types have spent time on the 20,000-acre working cattle ranch in Wyoming near Sheridan, and now, with the help of bird expert Jackie Canterbury, the ranch has earned the distinction of being an Important Bird Area, which is awarded by the National Audubon Society and the American Bird Conservancy to recognize habitats important to bird populations.
Casper Star-Tribune; May 2

Utah increases mule deer permits for 2015 hunt
Mule deer numbers in Utah are the best they've been since 1990, and last week, the Utah Wildlife Board increased the number of mule deer permits for the 2015 hunting season to 86,550, and increased the number of bull elk permits by 200.
Salt Lake Tribune; May 4

Federal government has concerns about Montana's Medicaid expansion
The Obama administration identified some concerns with Montana's recently approved Medicaid expansion plan that includes the cost-sharing provisions of that plan, and federal officials said they're willing to work with the state to ensure the plan falls within federal guidelines.
Flathead Beacon (AP); May 2

Trucking firms in Western Montana have a driver shortage
There is a great need for folks with a commercial driver's license for truck driving jobs in Western Montana, with both local and long-distance jobs available, but there are few candidates with CDL's, and the cost of getting a CDL, which must be paid in advance, is proving to be an obstacle.
Missoulian; May 4

Poultry producers in Montana's Bitterroot Valley want processing plant
Hamilton-based Homestead Organics Farm and Living River Farms of Stevensville want to expand their offerings of organic and free-range chickens, turkeys and other poultry, and the two businesses in Montana's Bitterroot Valley launched a Kickstarter campaign to build one, but if they don't raise $21,667 by tomorrow, they'll have to start over.
Missoulian (Ravalli Republic); May 4

Wyoming gains 1 drilling rig in weekly count
Baker Hughes Inc. released its weekly count of oil and gas drilling rigs that found 27 fewer operating across the United States, although Wyoming picked up one, as did North Dakota.
Casper Star-Tribune (AP); May 3

Idaho still third in milk production in U.S.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that Idaho dairies produced nearly 13.9 billion pounds of milk in 2014, keeping the Gem State third for milk production, with California leading the nation with 42.3 billion pounds of milk produced.
Idaho Statesman; May 2

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