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The Terry Badlands
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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More news from the Rockies
Poor berry crop pushes bears into W. Montana city
A lack of chokecherries due to dry conditions in Western Montana was cited by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks bear manager Jamie Jonkel for the driving force of black bears' roaming neighborhoods in and around Missoula looking for food, with the number of problem bears reported and captured much higher than usual in the month of June. With a lack of snowpack, grizzly bears have moved higher earlier than usual and most of those bears have been staying out of trouble, although a male grizzly bear that killed sheep near Lincoln in 2012, and was captured, tagged and relocated, returned to the same area and again killed three sheep, and forcing state agents to euthanize the bear.
Missoulian; July 1

Montana wildfire grows to 300 acres in an hour
A grassfire near Browning grew to nearly 300 acres within an hour of it being reported on Tuesday afternoon. The fire is believed to have been caused by a hay crew working on farmland about five miles from the Montana community.
Flathead Beacon (AP); July 1

Wildfire in Dinosaur National Monument makes wilderness run
The Ecklund Fire sparked by lightning in the Colorado portion of the Dinosaur National Monument on Saturday is now 600 acres in size after making a run into the Diamond Breaks Wilderness Study Area and then back into the monument. The fire is 10 percent contained, with full containment estimated to take until July 10.
Salt Lake Tribune; July 1

FBI won't allow background checks of immigrants required by Utah law
Utah state Rep. Curt Bramble's measure to expand background checks for immigrants applying for driver's licenses won't take effect today as planned, because the Federal Bureau of Investigation won't allow access to its database of criminals as long as the state plans to share information gleaned with other agencies, including the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Salt Lake Tribune; July 1

New laws, state budget takes effect today in Montana
There are 93 new laws on the books today in Montana, including a new rule requiring Montana to provide information online about pipelines, including where they cross rivers and where shutoff valves are. Tribal colleges will get the same per-student funding as community colleges and the Montana mint council will cease to exist, as many of the state's mint farmers have turned to new crops.
Missoulian (Helena Independent Record); June 26

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"I t essentially sunburns your lungs and causes inflammation. For the next three days, we are forecasting it to get in the unhealthy range and potentially violate the federal standard."

Seth Arens, an environmental scientist with the Utah Division of Air Quality, discussing ozone levels in excess of federal standards anticipated along much of the Wasatch Front this week.
- Salt Lake Tribune

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