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Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013
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More news from the Rockies
Idaho county issued $55M in building permits in 2012
Much of the construction in Idaho's Minidoka County in 2012 was commercial buildings, with permits approved for a new manufacturing plant in Heyburn, a new building for Mart Produce, Probst Electric's large masonry building south of Rupert, as well as an automated dairy.
Twin Falls Times-News; Jan. 23

Apartments a booming market in Idaho's Treasure Valley
The implosion of the housing market has turned homeowners into renters, and in Idaho's Treasure Valley, where the occupancy rate for rentals is now 94 percent, bankers and developers are financing apartment projects.
Idaho Statesman; Jan. 24

Colorado city approves Walmart permit for Neighborhood Market
Walmart officials said they weren't trying to hide the company's plans to build a Neighborhood Market in Boulder, but said that keeping quiet about the proposal during the permitting process is simply a business practice that many companies follow.
Boulder Daily Camera; Jan. 24

Icy conditions close Interstate-84 in Idaho between Bliss and Boise
Idaho State Patrol officials said they do not know when Interstate 84 between Boise and Bliss will reopen.
Idaho Statesman; Jan. 24

Wyoming company, Crow Tribe reach deal on 1.4-billion tons of Montana coal
Officials of the Crow Tribe and Cloud Peak Energy are expected to sign off today on a deal for 1.4-billion tons of coal on the tribe's lands in Montana.
Great Falls Tribune; Jan. 24

Earthquake rattles Utah-Colorado border
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake was reported at 9:46 p.m. Wednesday on the Utah-Colorado border.
Salt Lake Tribune; Jan. 24

Idaho lawmakers among those exempted from need for concealed-carry permits
Since 1990, members of the Idaho Legislature have been allowed to carry guns without having a concealed carry permit, and the state law has been amended many times in the 23 years since it passed to allow a laundry-list of those who do not need such a permit to carry a concealed weapon.
Spokane Spokesman-Review; Jan. 24

Legislation would change how Idaho county commissioners are elected
Idaho state Sen. Branden Durst said his bill that would change how county commissioners are elected from the current process where all county residents vote on candidates to limit voting on commissioners to the specific districts that they represent will give rural voters more voice in their representation.
Twin Falls Times-News; Jan. 24

Montana State Prison warden asks legislators to raise officers' pay
Leroy Kirkegard, the warden of Montana State Prison, asked members of the Legislature's Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on the Judicial Branch, Law Enforcement and Justice to raise the wages for correctional officers as the current pay rate has made it hard to fill the 37 positions currently open.
Montana Standard; Jan. 24

GOP bills in Montana would change business tax, fossil fuel designation
Republican lawmakers in Montana offered their own plan to reduce taxes on business, which would reduce the tax on the first $10 million of equipment from 3 percent to 1.5 percent, and another bill that would classify fossil fuels as clean energy, allowing such projects access to clean and renewable energy tax credits.
Flathead Beacon (AP); Jan. 24

Montana bill on 'patient-centered medical homes' gets industry support
Health care insurers, doctors and hospital representatives all spoke in support of Sen. Christine Kaufmann's Senate Bill 84 that would create clinics to follow patients, provide preventative care and follow-up, to help curb medical costs.
Ravalli Republic; Jan. 24

Legislators consider change to Montana trespassing law
House Bill 235, introduced by Rep. Ellie Hill, D-Missoula, and co-sponsored by Rep. Krayton Kerns, R-Laurel, would change Montana's trespassing law to allow "corner crossings," those areas where public and private lands intersect.
Great Falls Tribune; Jan. 24

Montana schools chief asks legislators to raise dropout age
Members of the state Senate Education Committee heard a plea from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau to raise the school dropout age in Montana from 16 to 18, a measure Juneau said had the support of local school officials.
Montana Standard; Jan. 24

Cafe in Montana's Bitterroot Valley offers locally grown fare year round
Sleeping Child Farms and the Farm Table Restaurant, located 10 miles south of Hamilton in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, offers locally grown food all year long, and specialty menus on holidays.
Ravalli Republic; Jan. 24

Colorado company wants to mine uranium in Wyoming
AUC, a company affiliated with Bayswater Uranium, is proposing a new uranium mine on 6,000 acres in Wyoming's Campbell County, with plans to start mining in 2015.
Casper Star-Tribune (AP); Jan. 24

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"W e've been saying for a long time there‚Äôs going to be a griz showing up here. For years, we've been working hard with the communities like Missoula, Seeley Lake, Clinton and Frenchtown, getting them ready."

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks bear manager Jamie Jonkel, discussing the travels of a female grizzly bear in 2011 that took her to the fringe of Missoula.
- Missoulian

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