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Missouri River Snow Creek Area
Photo courtesy of Rick and Susie Graetz

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"M ost of the shock from the steep drop in oil prices we experienced at the beginning of 2015, has been absorbed. Oversupply and low cash flows means there's no better news for drilling activity from now to the end of year except, perhaps, that it’s holding."

A statement from Mark Salkeld, president of Petroleum Services Association of Canada in its 2015 drilling forecast released Thursday.
- Calgary Herald

On The Bookshelf
Barbara Theroux of Fact & Fiction reviews "The Oregon Trail: An American Journey"


Mountain West Perspectives
Montana's two-year colleges revamp education to meet changing workplace demands


A Look Ahead
June 19-Aug.4: National Geographic, University of Montana offer a free, online course for educators on watershed education

Mountain West Voices
Hear weekly stories from the Rocky Mountain West as gathered by Clay Scott

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